Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Blades Edge Mountowned.

Brandy is still pushing to get her little Dwarf Hunter to 70 by the weekend so last night we finished up Nagrand and started the hellish grind through BEM. This our least favorite zone in Outlands - I HATE building that costume.

We took out all of Sylvanaar and 95% of Toshley's Station before calling it quits. She dinged 69 and I dinged 67 on Adiar. 3 more levels to go until the mind numbing PVP grind!

I'm going through AtlasLoot to see what instance drops I could use that would help in PVP and making a list of how much honor/tokens I'll need for full S2. I need to see how my gear looks at 70 and then see which upgrades are bigger.

I also need some Arms PVP advice but I'm not sure where to look. I tried but they don't give class specific advice, just advice against every 2v2 & 3v3 team possible. I checked the WoWhead forums as well but didn't find much of anything. I've got a spec but I need to know how to gem, what Meta to get, advice against classes 1 on 1, etc. I've been DW Fury since level 20 and have no Arms experiance at all.

The first week in Arena should be embarassing which should make for a good blog post.

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