Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's patch day!

Which, in short, means that Serpe gets her mount! She's right on the borderline of 30 but that should make the grind to 40+ much easier and faster. I'll also be picking up a mount for my Night Elf Priest, Telura. Good times!

Speaking of Serpe, I haven't had much time to invest in her lately. This weeks Kara run on the Alliance side went poorly and there was a bit of the ol' guild drama. We decided to postpone it until Monday night (from Saturday) after only downing Attumen and Moroes. Monday night rolls around and we're 2 people short. 2 of our 3 healers no showed.

I offered to respec Jandrae to Resto to help with healing duties if the Hunter in the group brought his Tank and our Tank brought his Priest instead. No one responded, my wife brought the idea back up 10 minutes later when nothing had been done and still no one responded.

We called it completely, dropped group, hearthed and took a bit of a break.

My wife is upset because she respecced her Shadowpriest (who she spent a lot of time gearing up) to heal for nothing. They mentioned going to Kara on Friday this week instead of our usual Saturday time to see if it makes a difference. I'm not holding my breath.

I deleted Aulbeth and Vahl and made a female Dwarf Paladin named Seahorn and a female Night Elf Hunter named Tunaroll. The woman wanted to roll a Resto Druid so I told her I'd tank for her. She's been wanting an Elemental Shaman as well so I rolled a Hunter to play with that toon.

Talk about alt-itis.

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