Saturday, July 19, 2008

Booty at the Dark Portal + Kara gets Stallowned.

I was dead set on reaching 70 last night with Adiar but I spaced that our normal weekly Kara run was moved ahead from Saturday to Friday night at 8:30 EST.

With the few hours I had before hand I got in to a group for Black Morass with Ash's Warrior and Munsond's Warrior. In the group was a Holy Paladin with an odd mix of Holy and Prot gear but he healed fine. Forsaken is desperate for a Healadin for our Kara group and after the run we extended an offer for him to run with us. Thankfully he took the offer.

We ran BM twice. Once for the quest and another to get Ash's Warrior, Devastator, enough rep for the helm enchant. Oddly enough, the Hourglass of the Unraveller dropped in both runs. I won the first one, along with the bow from the first boss and the legs from my Bold set. BM is nice and quick but sucks for XP. In the time it took us to do the 2 runs I could have gotten twice the XP from questing in Netherstorm.

Kara time came and the last 3 weeks have been awful for us. We've run in to a string of bad luck with healers no showing and when invites went out the new Pally was nowhere to be found. What our guild needed was a good solid Kara run and our only chance of saving this was a Paladin we had met 2 hours earlier in a PuG and he hadn't shown up.. yet. Thank Jeebus he finally showed up and in less than 4 minutes we had a full Kara group ready to go.

We blew through the bosses until we reached Aran. We had a hangup on him and wiped 3 times due to lack of spell interrupts and horrible luck during the elemental spawn phase. The first two times they spawned in the middle of an arcane explosion. While everyone was running out of the middle, the elementals picked off our raid group one at a time. The third time they spawned during a Blizzard so our melee was caught under it and died instantly.

At this point I was asked to bring in my Warlock, Veresitha, to help with elemental CC and we were doing Illhoof next anyway. They always need me to bring Vere for Illhoof since no one in our guild has a Warlock but me. We downed Aran and Illhoof, I logged back on to Jandrae and we cleared up to Prince. He was tanked a little to close so his aoe killed half of our raid during the first Enfeeble. We took him out the 2nd time, wiped on Netherspite and called it a night.

Overall it was NOT a bad Kara run. We wiped 5 times in total but the Paladin got at least 6 or 7 drops. We also cleared every boss but Netherspite and one shotted Nightbane which is normally difficult with new healers. What does this mean? He'll come back each and every week to get more gear and provide our DPS with Blessing of Salvation lol. We needed a Paladin and we got one. He even joined the guild!

Next week, hopefully we have enough DPS so I can bring Adiar. I'd love a shot at Despair or Gorehowl.

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