Saturday, July 5, 2008

Shadow Word: Birth?

I guess that's kind of gross.. OK it's pretty friggin gross, but it's all I could think of on a moments notice.

Long story short, I have 4 70's across the Horde and Alliance on the Silvermoon-US server but I'm currently leveling and loving my Shadowpriest, Serpentina. This blog is going to be used during the course of her existance to record all of the misadventures of bad PuGs, leveling tips, gear info, spell rotations and that sort of boring crap you've come to know and read in every elses WoW blogs.

As my "info" section states, I've been playing and raiding in WoW since May of 2006. I have 2 70 Warlocks (1 Horde, 1 Alliance), a 70 Elemental Shaman and a 70 Moonkin. I luff teh castorez! I've always wanted a Shadowpriest but feeling that they were just a poor mans Warlock I never followed through with making one.

This is it, dammit! I'm determined (see; bored).

I quit my raiding guild on the Alliance side, started up a female Undead Shadowpriest on the Horde side, rejoined my old guild in The Unliving and I'm ready to level.. sort of.

So sit back and let me HEEL JOO WIFF SHADOW BLOG p0wERZ!!11one!1 *cough*

On a side note, just to avoid confusion, here is a list of my toons and my friends that will be mentioned. QUE MASSIVE WALL OF TEXT!

My Toons

Serpentina - Female Undead Priest. My current primary focus in WoW the 2nd Shadowpriest on my account. Currently a low level tailor with no second profession.

Abigore - Male Undead Warlock. My first 60 and 70 in WoW and who I spent most of my 2+ years playing. I retired him to play Alliance in November of 2007 and used him for PVP only for a short while in early 2008. Abi is a 375 Shadoweave Tailor and a 375 Herbalist.

Veresitha - Female Human Warlock. My first 70 on the Alliance side and also my first female toon. Vere is my highest geared toon at the moment and she was used to raid Kara, Gruul, ZA, SSC, TK & very little Hyjal until disbanding from Grand Theft Kodo due to personal reasons. Vere is a 375 Enchanter and 375 Shadoweave Tailor.

Mutoh - Male Draenei Shaman. Mutoh is my 2nd 70 on the Alliance side and is currently specced for Elemental although I do respec Resto from time to time when the guilds need me to. Mutoh is currently my farmer as a 375 Herbalist and 375 Miner, but sadly isn't used for much else at the moment.

Jandrae - Female Night Elf Druid. Jan is my 3rd 70 on the Alliance side and has always been (outside of 2 levels) Balance specced. I raided with her as a Moonkin in Total Dominance in ZA, SSC, Hyjal and BT before quitting in July of 2008. I currently use her to run Kara with Forsaken once a week and may use her to run ZA if they start up a solid group. She is a 375 Tribal Leatherworker and 375 Skinner. Jan is currently my favorite out of all of my WoW toons.

Adiar - Female Night Elf Warrior. Adiar was my 2nd Warrior on my account but my first Warrior, Aulbeth, was deleted once she caught up to him in level. Adiar is currently benched at level 64 and will most likely not move any time soon. I leveled her with an Enhancement Shaman friend of mine who stopped playing awhile back. Adiar is a low level Engineer and Blacksmith.

Telura - Female Night Elf Priest. Telura was the first Shadowpriest on my account but I stopped playing her at 35 to focus on leveling Jandrae. Sadly, once Jandrae hit 70 I never went back to playing her and she's still benched at 35. Since I've re-rolled as Horde and my main over there is a Shadowpriest, there is a large chance that I will not level her. Telura is a Tailor with no second profession.

Aulbeth - Male Blood Elf Mage. Male Human Mage. Male Troll Warrior. Yes, I have 3 Aulbeths (2 now that the Warrior is deleted). I really like the name but never stick with the toons associated with it. The Blood Elf Mage is on the Sisters of Elune RP server. The Human Mage is on Silvermoon with the rest of my toons and the Troll Warrior, as I mentioned before, was deleted at level 54 when Adiar caught up in levels.

Vahl - Male Blood Elf Paladin. Vahl was created when The Burning Crusade released so I could check out the Pally class. He was benched at level 34 when I re-rolled as Alliance in November last year and eventually deleted. I remade him as a Blood Elf Paladin again to eventually be a mine and herb farmer much like Mutoh is.

Mcrib - Male Gnome Warlock. Mcrib is my bank toon on the Alliance side. Nothing more, nothing less. He wears a Lovely Black Dress and a Monocle from the fishing daily. Also nothing more, nothing less.

My friends/in-game names you should know.

Natallia, Catalis, Darbley, Evissia - These are all of my wife's toons. Nat is her epicced to hell Mage that raids Black Temple and Hyjal with an end game guild, Endless. Cat is her Shadowpriest that I run Kara with weekly on my Moonkin. Darbley is her constantly harassed female Dwarf Huntard that is named after me (the letters are mixed around) and Evissia is her Undead Rogue on the Horde side. All are 70 except Darbley who is 66.

Drimak, Aletea, Janthis - Drim has been a friend of mine in WoW for most of my time here. He and his brother Call joined my wife and I in our re-rolling to the Alliance side and raided with us in Grand Theft Kodo. Drim is an Orc Warrior, Ale is a Draenei Huntard and Janthis is a Night Elf Drood. All are 70.

Beltravi - Drim's woman. Bel plays a Night Elf Rogue and runs Kara with us in Forsaken from time to time.

Callieta, Shimontka, Feerana - Drim's brother and another close friend of ours for most of our time played. We played together on the Horde side with his female Tauren Druid Callieta and he joined us on the Alliance side with his female Draenei Paladin Feerana. Call raided with us as both Holy and Protection in Grand Theft Kodo before re-rolling as a female Draenei DPS Warrior, Shimontka, which he raids Kara with us once a week in Forsaken. All are 70.

Twysted, Splendour, Juicewithice, Shasloe - I've known Twyst the longest of anyone in WoW. We met in a BFD pug while I was leveling Aulbeth (the Warrior) and have played together ever since. Twyst never rolled Alliance with us and we didn't communicate much during that time but since I've re-rolled as Horde with Serpentina I've been playing with his Druid Splendour a lot lately. Juice is his Prot Pally and Shasloe is his Orc Huntard. Twyst raids in Blood Pact of the Chosen and has downed Illidan. Cookies for Twyst.

Shadowslip, Kaelly, Nolees - Shadow played with us on the Horde side and re-rolled as Alliance with us last year as Kaelly, a female Draenei Priest. Shadow is known to play and then dissapear for months before returning back. Nolees is his female Night Elf Shadowpriest. Shadow is his Rogue.

Obscura, Nobumoto, Morthius, Lethargy, Gut - "nObs" is an Aussie player on the Horde side who played with my wife while she leveled her Rogue. nObs won everyone over with his antics on vent and his awesome accent that every Horde player listed here loves him. nObs is in The Unliving which is the same guild Splendour, Serpentina, Abigore, Maurvis and Evissia are in.

Maurvis, Paincakes, Slevin & Woffles - Maurvis is a RL friend of ours that started playing after we did. His girlfriend, Woffles, is my wife's RL best friend and plays a lowbie Draenei Hunter on our server. Maurvis played with us on the Horde side and raided with us in Mente Conceptus before the guild fell apart and he joined The Unliving. Slevin is his Rogue on a PVP server and Paincakes is his Draenei Warrior on Silvermoon.

Chikin, Tullia, Kaltesblut - Chikin is a RL friend of ours that got us in to WoW. She played with us in Mente Conceptus but didn't follow us when we re-rolled as Alliance. Tullia is her Shadowpriest and Kal is her Mage.

Ashrah, Velkan, Sindel, Devastator - Ash is a friend of Nat's that we raid Kara with in Forsaken and she raids with in Endless. Ash used to raid in Grand Theft Kodo with us. Ash is his Mage, Velkan is his Rogue, Sindel is his Huntard and Dev is his Warrior.

Munsond, Marathonman, Alterego, Hotplate, Monii - Munsond raided with us in Grand Theft Kodo and is the guild leader of Forsaken. He currently raids on Munsond with Endless along with Nat and Ash but leads Forsakens Kara runs once a week. Munsond is his Warrior, Mara is his Mage, Alter is his Priest, Hotplate is his Warlock and Monii is his Shaman. Also has a brother, Pinker, who no longer plays.


Angus Assassins - The very first guild we ever joined. It was an "all Tauren" guild but since our RL friends were in they let us in. Eventually disbanded and led to the formation of Mente Conceptus.

Mente Conceptus - Formed by the group of us after AA disbanded. I was made guild leader until we re-rolled Alliance at which point I handed it over to Chikin. The guild still exists but all of my toons are in The Unliving.

The Unliving - An Aussie guild led by nObs and his friend Awrath. I didn't have anywhere else to go when I came back to the Horde and didn't want to sit around in a desolate Mente Conceptus so nObs tossed me an invite. I love the guild so far. Even though most of them are 70 and I don't "play" with them often, there is always someone online for some hilarious chatter.

Space Goats - When we re-rolled as Alliance, my wife funded the creation of Space Goats. We were an "all Draenei" guild, hence the name Space Goats, but eventually used the guild as a permanent home for Kara raiders. I got tired of leading horrible Kara groups and joined Grand Theft Kodo.

Grand Theft Kodo - After my wife, Drim, Call and myself left Space Goats we joined up with GTK to raid. We joined during their "rebuilding" phase as a lot of their key players had left. I'm split with my liking of GTK as they had some good raiders and are doing pretty stellar in BT progress at the moment but sometimes their leadership comes in to question. I eventually left due to personal issues that came up when my wife decided to leave and join Endless.

Total Dominance - After leaving GTK, TD posted in trade that they were looking for a Moonkin to raid BT/Hyjal. Mine was Kara geared at best but they let me in and I raided with them about 2 months before calling it quits. They were a late night raiding guild and their hours just didn't match my play times. I was getting 1-2 hours of sleep during raid nights before going to work and decided that work was a higher priority (I R SMERT!). Left and joined Forsaken with the rest of my alts.

Forsaken - Forsaken is a guild that was led by Munsond before he joined Grand Theft Kodo and eventually left to join Endless. Ash was also in Forsaken prior to joining GTK. When we all /gquit this is where all of our alts went, including Shimontka, Janthis and Fubaryou (who has since passed away IRL on June 21, 2008). We currently run Kara once a week with a pretty solid group but nothing more.

Endless - Endless is an end-game raiding guild that my wife, Ashrah and Munsond joined after leaving GTK. I have no association with them outside of knowing people in the guild.

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