Monday, July 7, 2008

Mind Flay Rank 1. Woot?

I know the first rank of this spell is total dog shit BUT I'm a sucker for new stuff. I skipped getting this at 20 to put 5 points in to Wand Spec and I can honestly say it was a better move. Wand Spec is helping me plow through mobs and knock out some quests much faster than I would have by taking Mind Flay at 20 instead of 25.

Ran a horrid RFK pug earlier today where a Hunter had the blue gloves from SM Library but need rolled on some green leather gloves that were crap (+str and +spi nonsense). I called them out on it asking why they had need rolled them to which I promptly got a "BRB" response. They were the group leader so I figured I was about to be kicked from the party until they passed someone else lead and left group. Ah well. We tried to 4 man it but the DPS Warrior in the group thought it was cool to steal aggro from the tank (even going as far as to post in part chat every.. single.. time.. they did it).

My buddy Twyst helped dps on his Druid, Splendour, but after a few wipes we called it. I made out with the shoulders from Death Speaker and about 70% of a level. Not too shabby. It was better than questing I suppose.

15 more levels until Shadowform!

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