Friday, July 18, 2008

Warriors.. Come Out To Playyeeeyaayyyy *clank clank clank*

I respecced Adiar to the recommended Arena spec of 35-23-3 (minus that last point in tactical mastery) and hit level 69 last night. I have 95% to go until 70 and hopefully I can grind that out tonight.

Call's Warrior, Shimontka, is sword spec but said it never really procs but he's stuck since he dropped a crapload of time and money in to makeing Lionheart Executioner. I read that mace spec was getting a nerf and that it's really only good if you have Stormherald for the extra stun chance. I'm a fan of axes and since Poleaxe Specialization not only boosts two weapons, it's also getting a boost in WOTLK so I went for that.

Call is helping me learn the ropes of the "Slam rotation" and I'm impressed with the damage output when I'm not rage starved. The Slam rotation (SR from here on out) is situational in PVP since most players are moving around constantly but with a .5 second cast time it's still very powerful. Lots of casters have to stand still and casters are Warrior food.

In a nutshell, SR consists of building 45 rage any way you can (Bloodrage or Charge is the best start for quick rage), using a swing timer mod such as Quartz and using a 3.5 speed (or slower) weapon. As soon as your auto attack connects you use Slam, follow that up with Mortal Strike and after both hit (including your global cooldowns) your auto attack should be 1 second or less away. Repeating this looks something like this.

You basically get a normal swing, slam, MS, normal swing, slam and then a bit of dead time to wait for the MS cooldown. If you are in Berserker Stance and have enough rage you can Whirlwind during the second auto attack but it's better off to just wait and build rage to start up the next auto attack, slam, MS rotation.

I'm still getting used to the timing. Since Slam resets your swing timer you want it to connect the split second your auto attack does so you have less "dead air". If you wait for the auto attack and then use Slam there is .5 seconds of dead air and lost dps. This is where Quartz comes in. When you have .5 left on your swing you use Slam. Sounds easy but it's also easy to mess up while your paying attention to your health and other things.

If I don't care for how Slam works in PVP I can always spec out of it and put the points in to something else. No worries. It's just the highest burst damage Arms spec for PVP so I'll start there and work around it.

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