Thursday, July 10, 2008

I can has hael?

I didn't get to play Serpe last night at all. My wife is leveling her Huntard (which is level 67 atm) so she and Drim wanted to run normal Labs for quests and gear. I offered to respec resto on Jandrae and heal for it but we wound up having to do Seth Halls first.

Overall I did OK. My ADD prevented me from focusing on my HoT timers, the tank and whatever DPS pulled aggro at the time but other than that it went well.

Keeping 3 Lifeblooms rolling was more than enough to keep the tank up even during Murmur. Is that really all there is to Druid healing? I'll be respeccing back to Moonkin eventually but since I'm not really playing Jan I'll keep her Resto for now.

No playing WoW at all tonight due to working late and then working in the morning tomorrow. FTL!

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