Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Warrior Arena - Tips & Tricks

I've been watching some Warrior perspective Arena videos online to see if there is something similar they are doing that I can pick up on.

I don't think 2v2 will be where I'm headed since the point value isn't that great so I'm trying to focus on 3v3.

Some things I'm noticing -

1) Get a healer! - Seems pretty simple but all of the higher rated teams had a healer of some sort. Warriors are nothing without a healer but with one, they're friggin panzerz! Find a high resil healer and make friends with them.

2) Learn LOS - Countless arena videos showed the Warrior and their melee partner luring in an opposing melee class and then pounding him behind their healers LOS. This also prevented opposing casters from sitting back and slinging spells at them non stop.

3) Sword & Board - Think arena is all about 2h? Think again. Use an "outfitter" type mod to swap out your weapons if you are fighting a mixed melee/caster group. While your team burns down the melee, keep your shield equipped and spam Spell Reflect every cooldown to mitigate the damage you take and deal some damage back. Against casters with the ability to heal (I.E. Moonkin, Elemental Shaman) this might even force them to stop casting to heal themselves or just stop wasting mana. Once the opposing melee is down, swap back to your 2h and swing for the fences.

4) Use Common Sense - Hamstring everything, Mortal Strike everything, Whirlwind everything.. Keep your anti-fear abilities active and be ready to use your trinket to get out of CC on a moments notice. Make an Intervene macro for your healer. Blah Blah Blah.

Sounds good on paper, lets see how it actually works when I get in to an arena team. This is a really nice 3v3 video I found over on called "Preach". I like that he lists the team he's facing and what their tactics were.

Preach - The Way of the Warrior pt 1 from Mike Lamb on Vimeo.

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